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2016-2017 AT A GLANCE

Vision Statement

United Against Heroin Addiction (UAHA) supports those affected by addiction to heroin and other opiates.


Mission Statement

UAHA seeks to bring awareness, education and wellness programs to communities to assist in identifying, understanding, and one day ending the opiate epidemic.


  • Formation:  Established UAHA as a legal entity and assigned EIN Number

  • Volunteers:  Formed a volunteer group and established committees, including Finance, Fundraising, Administration, Program Development, and Awareness/Outreach.

  • Awareness/Outreach: Established a web presence; Created a logo; Produced an awareness video and literature; procured wristbands and t-shirts; Conducted various awareness campaigns, including a carnival held in conjunction with the YMCA of Centre County; Participated in radio and television interviews; Made presentations to Rotary Club; Erected information tables at Walmart and State College Spikes game.

  • Partnerships:  Developed key partnerships with the Centre County HOPE Initiative and its members, State College YMCA, Youth Service Bureau, Jana Marie Foundation, Pyramid Healthcare, Inc., White Deer Run Treatment Network, and the Centre County Correctional Facility.

  • Education:  Completed the Wellness Recovery Action Plan© or WRAP© Facilitator Training Program. 

  • Assessed and continue to make effort to secure office space

  • Budgeted and planned efforts to secure funding

  • Provided services to at-risk youth and adults by utilizing WRAP



In looking forward to the remainder of the year and for 2017, we have identified the following goals: 

  • Partnership enhancement, including building upon existing partnerships and establishing new partnerships in the public, private and non-profit sectors.   

  • Awareness/Outreach Campaigns beginning with phase one “Breaking the Stigma” through the use of social media, radio, television, newsprint, yard signs, speaker engagements, and beyond.

  • Fundraising Campaigns.

  • Implement and offer UAHA designed Wellness Recovery Program which will focus on rejuvenating body, mind and soul.  WRAP© Facilitator Program will be one component of the overall wellness recovery program

We are particularly excited about the WRAP program, a key component of the UAHA host of services.  As described on the WRAP website “The Wellness Recovery Action Plan® or WRAP®, is a self-designed prevention and wellness process that anyone can use to get well, stay well and make their life the way they want it to be. It was developed in 1997 by a group of people who were searching for ways to overcome their own mental health issues and move toward fulfilling their life dreams and goals.  It is now used extensively by people in all circumstances, and by health care and mental health systems worldwide to address physical, mental health and life issues.  WRAP has been studied extensively in rigorous research projects and is listed in the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.  The WRAP program is beneficial for all age groups, from pre-teen to the elderly. 

Our hope is, with the help of the Board of Commissioners and other funding, to implement the WRAP program in our community.  Specifically, we envision providing services to individuals being released from the prison system and from addiction rehabilitation clinics, or “rehabs.”  We wish to provide WRAP facilitator services to those in need, and if the opportunity presents itself, to also offer training to county agencies and employees that serve this segment of our community.  If we are unable to obtain grant funds specifically designated to provide such training, we stand willing to provide the training without compensation; That is how much we believe in the benefits WRAP can bring to our community.  

We also seek your help in implementing our Wellness Program.  Acting with our current partnerships, and with those yet established, the Wellness Program will comprehensively address medical health, through exams and service, physical health, through directed fitness regimes and nutritional health, through individual and group interaction.  Each component intersects with and complements WRAP. 


Our team is led by Christie Watson, a 38-year-old native of State College.  We need your help and hope that you consider us in your giving.